Welcome to Rising Star, a fan website dedicated to 14-year-old actor Chandler Canterbury. You might
recognize him for his roles in movies such as Alex
Proyas' "Knowing" and the upcoming book-to-film adaptation of "The Host", or for his guest spots
in hit TV shows like "Criminal Minds" and
"Fringe". Here you will find all the latest news,
media, pictures and more on this talented star. If you have any questions, suggestions, donations, etc.
feel free to contact me.
     – Dani
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May 29 2012 "The Host" Behind The Scenes Video

MTV visited the set of "The Host" last month and got to film an exclusive behind the scenes video. Although Chandler is not interviewed, you can see him filming on the set of the caves along with the rest of the cast. The movie is set to come out next year, so I think it's pretty cool that we're already getting something!

Posted by Dani

Apr 30 2012 "A Bag Of Hammers" Trailer Screencaps

I've added HD screencaps of the latest "A Bag Of Hammers" trailer to our gallery. If you still haven't watched it, check out the update below. I've also added a new poster from the movie. You can take a look at it here.

Posted by Dani

Apr 25 2012 New "A Bag Of Hammers" Trailer!

Posted by Dani

Apr 16 2012 FanMail Adress

A lot of you have been e-mailing me, asking for an adress to send Chandler fanmail. So, I've decided to create a "Contact Chandler" section, where you can find all the information.

Anyway, just this time, I'm also going to post the information here. You can send him fanmail to the adress below. Remember to include a SASE (self addressed, stamped envelope) with your letter! Also, please be patient, because Chandler is a very busy person.

Chandler Canterbury
c/o A+ Actors of Texas
6260 Westpark, Suite 310
Houston TX 77057

Posted by Dani

Apr 15 2012 2012 Headshot

There is a brand new headshot, which was taken this year, over at Chandler's IMDb page. It seems like Chandler cut his hair a bit. He looks great! You can now find that headshot in the gallery. There you can also find a HQ version of a 2011 headshot. It's not new, but we only had the MQ version before.

Posted by Dani

Apr 08 2012 Young Artist Awards Nomination

Chandler has been nominated for a Young Arist Award for his incredible performance as young Peter Bishop in "Fringe" last year. The winners are going to be announced on May 6th. You can read the full list of nominees here. Let's wish Chandler the best of luck, then!

Posted by Dani
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